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Arya Health


Dr Gharbi is the co-founder of Arya Health, which provides healthcare practitioners with cloud-based digital solutions for improved patient care and practice efficiency.  These include intuitively designed electronic health records, telehealth, billing, analytics, and a patient portal among many other innovative tools.

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Arya Handover


Dr Gharbi has always been dismayed by the lack of any viable handover culture or infrastructure within the hospital setting for such a vital logistical process regarding patient care.   From this frustration, Arya Handover was born. Within a month of its launch, the system had over 700 physician users on the platform. Arya handover has since expanded to thousands of users across multiple hospitals and health authorities across Canada.



Medical Director & Advisory Board Member

Dr Gharbi helped design, validate, and implement the Medeo telehealth platform, which has since grown into a tool that is widely used to significantly improve patient care.

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Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) Project

Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Dr Gharbi had the unique opportunity to be part of the leadership in a project where we helped design, validate, and implement the Cerner electronic health record across British Columbia. This was one of the largest projects of its kind, covering over 30 facilities across 3 health authorities and affecting millions of patients.

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